This is the story of our youngest son, Ryan (DOB 20/3/1984) who has been missing in India since 24 August 2005.

We hope that this will help find him. It will certainly enable many more people in India to become aware that Ryan is missing and that he has a family in Australia desperate for some news of him. This includes his parents of course but also his older brothers Aaron and Jarrad and his extended family.

Many things have been tried- Australian authorities, Private investigator, Rotary International, Coca Cola India, State Bank of India and many new friends have assisted our search. Facebook has also been used extensively and this medium has resulted in two unconfirmed "sightings."

Psychics have also offered advice but no results have been forthcoming.

A few "sightings" have been reported over the past 5 years but never able to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, people around the world wait for word that Ryan has been found. They have learned of our plight and quest by  an amazing website.


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