During 2006 we had an interesting turn of events when Earl Cleaver, a former work colleague of Ryan's rang from Noosa and mentioned he would be in South Australia for a weekend and wished to visit us to discuss Ryan's disappearance. We had a pleasant weekend together in which Earl stated his belief that Ryan was in Badrinath and he planned to travel there in 2007.

This he did under great hardship. While we tried to assist with some contacts Earl was astounded by the sheer numbers of people, the poor state of the roads. To top it all, it snowed two months after the winter season finished and all he had were summer clothes.

Unfortunately, Earl failed to locate Ryan on this trip but we appreciated his efforts so much. He is now living in Tibet teaching English to monks and believes that his path will cross Ryan's in the future.

RIP. Unfortunately Earl passed away in March 2009 after very short battle with cancer. Another link broken.



Earl Cleaver pictured in Badrinath where there was a poster of Ryan over 18 months after his disappearance.


Badrinath Temple


The track up the Himalayas on which Earl travelled to Badrinath in search of Ryan.