In December 2005, Jaipal Singh, a private investigator and his team searched for Ryan south from Rishikesh, down the River Ganges through Hardwar, Roorkee, Muzaffarnagar and as far south as the Taj Mahal in Agra. The team checked out all river barrages, offshoots and flood overflow areas. This was to eliminate the possibility that an accident had befallen Ryan. In total, the Ganges was searched on three occasions.

At Mansa Devi, near Hardwar the team came across one Cortu Churchey who believed he had seen Ryan a month before. This person was calling himself "Tony". While Tony was Ryan's grandfather, this sighting as with all others has never been confirmed. 

Without a lead to follow the team was disbanded early in 2006. 


Reward poster used by PI Jaipal Singh


Some of Jaipal's team with Chortu Churchey who believed he saw Ryan calling himself "Tony" near Mansa Devi, Hardwar in December 2005. Never confirmed.


Jaipal Singh (R) investigating near Muzaffarnagar Barrage.