Early in 2008 Ryan's eldest brother Aaron travelled back to India, primarily to meet some friends returning from Kashmir but also to catch up with Indian friends in Rishikesh. Aaron wanted to make sure that the search is still uppermost in people's minds in that area.

Aaron was more confident on this 2nd trip, having experienced the Indian culture previously. His travel mode this time though was different- long train and bus trips.

He and his mates had a great time and Aaron was able to relax more on this second trip, whereas the first was spent searching for his younger brother.

Our family's connection to wonderful India, althought brought about by unusual circumstances, will continue forever.

If anyone sees Ryan please email, call or fill in guestbook.


Aaron with Narayan Rawat, storekeeper in Swargashram. Narayan is a good friend who was really helpful on both trips. He also sells a mean apple cake!


Aaron with friendly beggar who approached us both trips.


Aaron in front of the Taj Mahal.


Aaron in front of the Golden Temple, Amritsar. Punjab.