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Satsang traveler
02:25:32 AM
I am visiting the Rishikesh area and will keep my eyes out. My prayers are with you in peace. Good, thorough website.
06:00:48 AM
Please don't loose hopes will forward ryan details to my friends n family n ask them to forward to others will pray to god that u ppl have ryan in ur family back in Australia soon.
09:15:22 PM
I have just watched missing in the land of the gods. How very sad. I have not been to India myself however my partner travels there for work from time to time, and loves parts of it, and is cautious of parts. I am very keen to visit India, and in watching this video am now keen to now understand more of how something like this could happen. God I hope he is ok. I cant say I know your pain as a family but you are all amazingly strong and my god I think Ryan would love what you have been doing to find him. Good Luck - this will be forever in my mind hoping and praying you get to see your son again soon. xx
04:07:50 PM
I just watched Missing in the Land of the Gods and was just awestruck at the love you have for you son. Acceptance of him as a person and his journey - however it may have ended. You are truly amazing people and parents and I hope I can be as loving toward my young son throughout his life as you are. x
02:45:03 PM
Been in my mind for many years often look at Indiamike incase any news of Ryan much admiration for the family in their quest and complete love for Ryan which is so obvious. Always hopeful for a safe return. Best wishes.
Dianne Chambers
06:34:59 AM
10 years!!!! It feels just like yesterday. Miss you more than ever. Time heals,they say!! I just don't know anymore.......Mum xxxxxx Thank you to all who continue to remember Ryan. It is a great comfort to us all :)
05:47:35 PM
Oh my, where has the time gone? Exactly 10 years without a trace. Live and miss you always. xxx Mum and Dad